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SciTech Holiday Schools offer children a special opportunity to take part in a rich variety of scientific and technological activities.

The courses are open to five through to thirteen years olds and range from one two or three days at Easter or a whole week in Summer and are held in North Cheshire (close to Manchester).
The SciTech courses are very popular. The majority of children at SciTech will have been to at least one SciTech before! This is why, each year, we offer an entirely new programme of exciting activities.

The programmes are always fascinating and challenging as well as packed with opportunities!

“I wish science was this good when I was a kid!”Most Parents...

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At SciTech we blend science, technology and enthusiasm. We add to this the generosity of industry and academia to produce an inspired and secure environment that promotes an enthusiastic enjoyment of learning in children of all ages.


You can be told something and you might forget it. You can be shown something and then you might remember. But if you want to make it stick… DO IT!

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